Reiki has been a very interesting journey for me. In the early 90’s when I was first introduced to Reiki, there was very little written about it and there weren’t any manuals available for training.

I believe Diane Stein wrote the only book available at the time, and she hadn’t been attuned or taken any classes. Because of this, and Reiki being my first real journey into energy healing, I was at a loss for understanding the true power of this pure and simple healing technique.

I continued my journey learning Polarity, Cranial sacral therapy, EFT and hypnosis and through all of this training I have returned to the purest and easiest to learn and to teach and to use on a daily basis and that being Reiki.

I had a Shaolin tai chi teacher who, when he left the temple, became a mercenary. When he realized this wasn’t his purpose in life he returned to the temple and was told to start from the beginning and teach Tai chi.

For me, this advice is to return to my roots and teach Reiki. I teach classes and now am offering classes online to help spread this healing technique to those who have difficulty finding time to go to a class or where classes aren’t readily available.

The online program is for those who cannot make it to a physical class.  I offer this to enable more people access to affordable Reiki Training.

Each Level of training includes a manual for download and an online training module in a format that will work for you. After you have completed the training module, we will set a date and time for your attunement and to answer any questions you may have.  You will also receive a certificate for completing each level.

Each level attunement should be scheduled at a minimum of 21 days apart.  Students need that time to really absorb and experience the Reiki energy. There is such a profound learning at each level that can be missed by rushing through the process and training.