Reiki 3 Training Material for Teachers

Reiki 3 Training Material for Teachers


Reiki Level III PowerPoint Presentations

Files included in download:

  • PowerPoint Files
  • pdf PowerPoint Notes Files
  • pdf Manual Files
  • pdf, jpg, doc License Files
  • pdf, doc, docx, odt, jpg, png Certificate Pack Files



PowerPoint Presentations and Notes

As a teacher, you can download this PowerPoint Reiki Module. So, you can use it to add that visual learning component to your classes.  You can modify these PowerPoint presentations to reflect your particular teaching style.


Manuals are also included. One of the difficult and most time consuming practices of a Reiki Master teacher is finding or creating manuals that will aid in the teaching of Reiki.  However, your problem is solved with these manuals.

Student Certificates

When a student finishes the training at each level of Reiki, we, as teachers, want to certify their training with a certificate. Taking the time to design one can be a problem.  Our teacher traini